Our methodology

It goes without saying that achieving a sustainable organisation does not happen overnight. In order to achieve a long-term vision, it is necessary not only to respond to the current situation (as is), but also to take gradual (and sometimes iterative) steps. Step by step, these ongoing efforts will result in a continuous improvement, supported by the organisation and its people. As a true long-time partner, Neutrologic is there to maintain the right overview to scope out the next optimal advancements, and to keep track of results.

The entire process we apply can be divided into 4 steps:


The first step should always be to know what you’re dealing with. That is why Neutrologic starts with a detailed analysis of the complete situation “as is”. This is the best foundation for well-considered measures. By doing this the client attains a thorough understanding of their direct and indirect emissions; a great added value with expected stronger legislation in mind. The calculations and data we provide is in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO-standards and can thus be utilised for emission reporting and eco-labelling.

The first steps for improving sustainability are:

  • Defining the operational and organizational boundaries for the emissions inventory
  • Collecting the correct, relevant and reliable data, both from existing data within the organisation and our own observations
  • Calculation of the organisational carbon footprint (OCF)
  • Calculation of (selected) product carbon footprint(s) (PCF)


Most times, we encounter plenty of important emission sources which may seem surprising to the organisation. The good thing is that these are often very easy to mitigate: for example simply adapting a similar part from a different supplier, or simply switching off a certain machine when it’s not in use.

Thanks to the media we are all aware that we should be driving our cars less, or employees should switch to hybrid vehicles etcetera. Funnily enough, through our assessments we often uncover  emission sources that are way more significant, and much easier to avoid. =

Of course, this isn’t the case for all emissions. That is why the next hurdle to overcome is to create a plan on how to do more. Thankfully, using our data and experience, we always know where best to begin.

Did you know?
As a member of the SDG Group, Neutrologic can rely on a network of organizations, specialized in ecologically sound solutions for industries. With extensive expertise in plastics, the SDG Group can provide specific solutions and actions to the strategy plan: we don’t offer empty words, but deliver pure action.


At this point we’ve created a detailed and long-term strategy for tackling your emission problems together. We’re working on implementing them step by step. Adaptation takes time, and thus, usually, some patience is required.

However, sometimes things can’t wait and we acknowledge. That is why we offer Gold Standard verified offset programs to provably compensate emissions. These programs enable your organisation or product to verifiably become net-carbon neutral in attendance of measures within the organisation itself.


The organization has made real progress through the previous steps: you have the correct and detailed data on your accountable emissions, and the best path to follow is clear. Perhaps you’ve even achieved a third-party label (CO2-Neutral® label, based on the internationally recognised PAS2060 standard). The environment thanks you for your climate action.

But beyond this the market prefers the sustainable option, and thus it should be clear that your organisation is the sustainable option. We assist you in correctly and attractively communicating your progress, labels and the results of emission assessments.

It should be noted that this fourth step isn’t the end; it is the beginning of a long-term strategy, where, hopefully, emissions will be re-assessed yearly, and actions are taken in accordance to the evolution in the yearly emission numbers.

What makes us so different?

Neutrologic has developed its own no-nonsense and structured methodology, and can provide extra services towards its customers thanks to the alliance with the SDG Group. This combination makes us a unique climate action partner, especially in the long run.


End to end guidance

Thanks to our end-to-end process in carbon footprint calculation , we can guide you during the roller coaster – starting from defining your strategy and optimizing the execution.

We cut through the chase and absorbed a no-nonsense mindset. Our solutions are based on facts and figures, our approach is formed out of knowledge and analytical observations.


expertise in sustainable plastic

Neutrologic is a member of The SDG Group. Thanks to the collaboration between these companies, Neutrologic has a solid expertise in sustainable thermoplastics. Being part of this group helps us to stay on board with the latest updates and trends within our business.

The SDG Group is ready to change the plastic sector for its industries.


focus on action

It’s all about an actionable and measurable plan (contrary to greenwashing).
Together with our customer we work towards a plan that is actionable and measurable. At the end of the ride, our partnership will be an important step for tackling the ecological transition from within your organisation.

We cooperate to transform your strategic choices into an action list, which we will challenge to get the best possible result, forming a complete ecological strategy.


challenger of your sustainability

Neutrologic is a partner that can accompany your company from strategy to execution. It’s all about strategic choices, in an optimally structured, actionable charter. Working this way shows real commitment towards climate change.

“The ultimate goal is to guide companies towards a complete environmental strategy.”

Marc Thometschek

Do you want to challenge your climate strategy and action plan?