What do we do?

We help our customers in different ways. Thanks to our services, they attain a thorough understanding of their accountable emissions. Most importantly, they gain insights on how to work on reducing these in the most lucrative ways possible, both on an organizational level as on a product level. We assist in correctly communicating progress, and setting up long-term ecological strategies.

In consultation with our customer and their newly gained knowledge, we define the variety of factors that make up their personal ’emission inventory’ (in accordance with the Green House Gas Protocol of the World Resources Institute). Upon this, we base clear emission reduction strategies. Next, we offer third-party verification of emission reports, as well as eco-labelling where possible. Finally, we offer guidance on how to correctly communicate progression in marketing and on products.

The end goal is not only to help you doing your part in the global ecological transition. It is also for you to achieve economic stability and even benefits, in everchanging markets, and with expected stronger legislations in mind.

Carbon footprint is defined as
“The quantity of GHGs expressed in terms of CO2-e*, emitted into the atmosphere by an individual, organization, process, product or event from within a specified boundary” (Pandey, Agrawal, & Pandey, 2011).
*CO2-e = equivalent CO2 emissions based on Global Warming Potential (GWP)

“The ultimate goal is to guide companies towards a complete SDG strategy.”

Marc Thometschek

Do you want to challenge your climate strategy and action plan?