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Do you want to become a part of our fantastic Neutrologic-team? Are you analytical by nature, and do you feel strongly about our planet and its environments?

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Our Charter

These are the core values representing the essence of the SDG group’s identity. They explain the vision of all 5 companies and give an insight in what we believe in, in our principles and philosophy. We don’t settle for less.

future focused

Our vision is long term. We couldn’t go for quick wins in the short term without pointing out a long term vision. Together we strive for sustainability while overseeing the total picture.

evangelist of a sustainable business

Constantly driven by knowledge, analysis and expertise, we base our solutions on facts and figures. We also use this information to make innovation an ongoing process.

no-nonsense mindset

We do and say straightforwardly; no, we don't beat around the bush.

out of the box answers

The impossible made possible. Technical challenges or specific requests are our speciality, while keeping an eye on the most sustainable solution. We might be the only one in for the challenge!

customer focussed

We make, create, research, consult and manufacture for our customers and their specific requests. Together, we find the right balance between materials, processes, manufacturing and support.

fully flexible

We know that looking to the future is a process of trial and error. It requires learning, trying, failing and retrying. Adapting is in our nature and we tend to use that to your full advantage.

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