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Neutrologic offers carbon footprinting consultation services. With our cross sectoral expertise and advanced calculations, we can offer a full end to end service for the calculation, roadmap, measures and evaluation of your organizational and product carbon footprint. As an external climate action challenger, we help organizations in achieving their climate and sustainability objectives.

This in pursuit of business integrity, but also for clarity on the progression towards business goals. As of 2020, we started helping companies with their calculations, attaining third-party verification of emission reports, as well as labelling ​where possible, and communicating positive progression.

Neutrologic can offer full service support from product design to sustainable product development and sustainable production set up.
Neutrologic is part of the SDG group, founded in 2020 as a collaboration to support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Each company within the SDG Group offers a partial solution to the extensive road of becoming a sustainable company. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in sustainability.

Our vision.

“Our vision is to have a positive effect on the environment, community, and economy, by incorporating principles of sustainability into each of our business decisions.
And we encourage our clients to do so as well”.
At Neutrologic we see ourselves as climate action challengers for industries. We coach and train organizations to become more sustainable. We use our in-house developed methodology to guide companies in a continuous improvement cycle. We become partners in a long term climate strategy.

Combining knowledge and experience within the SDG Group provides an excellent basis for Neutrologic to become a true climate action challenger.

“The ultimate goal is to guide companies towards a complete SDG strategy.”

Marc Thometschek

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